Episode 75 - Jane Wild of The Dunlavy

Nov 15, 2018, 12:00 PM

Today on What's Eric Eating, Eric is joined by frequent contributor and co-host Matt Harris to discuss some of the latest news from the Houston bar and restaurant scene. The guys discuss Lyle Bento joining Sambrooks Management Company as culinary director, Maurizio Ferrarese signing on to be the executive chef at Ristorante Cavour at the Hotel Granduca, Finn Hall getting an opening date, California-based sandwich shop Mendocino Farms opening a location in Houston in 2019, and much more! Diana American Grill and B.B. Lemon are featured in this week's Restaurants of the Week segment.

In the Guest of the Week section of the podcast, Eric is joined by Jane Wild of the Dunlavy. Eric and Jane discuss Jane's journey into the culinary world, exploring the Art Institute in Houston, moving to Chicago, joining Whole Foods, the dishes at The Dunlavy, creating memorable sandwiches, the response from patrons, other projects that Jane has been involved with, getting more invovled in the Houston food scene, getting know other chefs, and more!