Mark Hole Interview

Nov 19, 2018, 01:41 AM

Who is Mark Hole? A hyperactive and erratic boy, Mark struggled to find an outlet for his restless energy and natural exuberance. School was never easy and Mark was diagnosed with heavy dyslexia. Frequent clashes with teachers over his refusal to conform, young Hole was regularly suspended. So it went on, until on one school day the savior of Mark’s soul presented itself…Music! Suddenly Mark Hole, was getting excellent reports – “Mark’s great! He is well behaved and focused.’ Aged 16, a promising and talented young performer, Mark hadn’t actually written any songs. He met Rob Castell. Rob was playing the piano singing a song that he had written. It blew Mark away. From that point on Mark tinkered away on a piano every day - self-taught. Mark was for a number of years involved in The Seed, a kind of English Red Hot Chilli Peppers. As frontman and co-writer, Mark’s charisma and talent contributed to the band’s. However in truly spectacular style the group had a rather ignominious ending on the eve of their EP launch. It was a blessing in disguise though, as the band’s loss was Mark’s gain. Within six months, F Sharp was completed.