edibleRed interview

Nov 19, 2018, 02:04 AM

Led by firecracker front woman Collette McLafferty, edibleRed is an eclectic New York City-based five-piece collective of atypical musicians. The memorable songs the band creates can be heard on their debut CD, Welcome to My Bad Behavior, slated for release in late May, 2007 on veteran indie label Select Records. Featured lyricist McLafferty is edibleRed’s femme-fatale who describes her sound as one of “a classically trained voice that slowly degenerated into a rock singer’s.” It is fitting that having once performed for Jeff Buckley “before realizing who he was,” she blends songwriting skills like Buckley’s with the style and panache of Debbie Harry and a rich voice a la Tracy Bonham. Alongside McLafferty is edibleRed co-founding member, the Grammy nominated drummer Tom Papadatos.. Lead guitarist Sean McMechen brings edibleRed’s hard rock roots to the surface. After years performing in metal bands, McMechen graduated with a degree in Fine Arts and guitar from Jersey City College, and then continued his guitar study at Parsons College in Manhattan. Aside from being one of the most talked about bands in the tri-state area, edibleRed has been cultivating a diehard national following, and planting seeds internationally thanks to non-stop touring, and radio and TV appearances on FUSE TV’s IMX, Cash Cab, KROCK2 andMaxim Radio. edibleRed’s songs have been included on the Oxygen Network’s “Good Girls Don’t,” and most recently the band’s lead single “Sugar and Spring” was featured in an episode of Showtime’s “The L Word.” Their music can also be heard on KROCK2’s “Domestic Disturbance.” Bring all these ingredients together and you have a psychedelic rock recipe sure to satisfy any appetite.