Vedera Interview

Nov 19, 2018, 02:38 AM

Kristen May (vocals, guitars, keyboard) / Brian Little (guitars) / Jason Douglas (bass) / Drew Little (drums) On their major-label debut album Stages, Vedera have at last been able to capture the magic that has made them such a hot live property over the past few years. The Kansas City, Missouri-based quartet, fronted by Kristen May, have toured incessantly since releasing their first EP in 2004, honing their sound and building their considerable fanbase the grassroots way — one fan at a time. Those who have seen them live are already familiar with Vedera’s sound: dreamy pop melodies, shimmering rock guitar, driving rhythm section, and the band’s not-so-secret weapon: May’s soaring vocals. In 2005 Vedera toured with artists such as Mute Math, Eisley and Jason Mraz and again in 2009 they toured with The