G Tom Mac & Corey Haim's Interview

Nov 19, 2018, 03:47 AM

Join the V.R.O. January 14th 2009 As They Welcome G Tom Mac & Corey Haim!! That’s right, G Tom Mac & Corey Haim will be on the V.R.O.! Many of you know G Tom Mac’s hit song ‘Cry little Sister’ The theme song to Lost boys! G Tom Mac new CD ‘Thou Shalt Not Fall’ Hit stores everywhere August 12th 2008. G Tom Mac songs were featured in 3 new major films in the year 2008- ’Trick ’r Treat’, ’I-See-You.Com’ & ’Lost Boys 2 (The Tribe)

Corey Haim is known for his roles in Lost Boys, Lost Boys 2(The Tribe),Lucas (1986),Fast Getaway 1 & 2