Demonic Takeover Part 1

Feb 04, 10:00 AM

It's just another investigation, or so thought Paranormal Investigator Stacey Jones as she embarked on a journey through a cemetery with her team one night. This investigation should have been no different than the countless others she had been on except for the fact that her nearly teenage son would be joining her out of convenience. This was a mistake that would lead to many months of torment and heartache, as an unseen entity would take the opportunity of this investigation to attach itself her son and refuse to let go.

What followed the investigation included unexplained noises in the house and a dramatic shift in the behavior of her son. Stacey eventually turns to friend and colleague John Zaffis to help her son move away from the dark entity that followed her family home. Was she successful removing the demon?


In part two of our interview, available only to Grave Keepers, we discuss:

What was the result of the exorcism on Stacey's son?

What dark, experiences had Stacey's son been going through while something dark was attached to him?

What did the voices tell him while they would whisper in his ear?

Was this a true possession or an attachment?

Prior to the exorcism, did Stacey's son suspect that something dark was attached to him?

Looking back, was there anything different about the investigation where the dark spirit attached itself to Stacey's son?

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