Stan Lee Tribute - 4-Panel Vol. 2, Issue 13

Nov 19, 2018, 06:17 PM

We lost one of the kings of pop culture, a much beloved creative force, and one of the people who was responsible for making comic books what they are today. He made us believe in characters who were larger than life, but somehow still down to earth, and shone a light on prejudice (X-Men), diversity (Black Panther, Luke Cage, Jean Grey, Black Widow, She-Hulk), mental health (Hulk, Ant-Man), and physical disability (Daredevil, Doctor Strange, Iron Man), at a time when such issues were ignored or disparaged. 

On this week's episode Andrew, Mick and Rob pay tribute to one of the 20th and 21st century's greatest pop culture icons - the late, the great Stan Lee, who made us believe in heroes again and again. 

After a sombre start it's time to talk about what we've been reading, which this week are Sullivan’s Sluggers by Mark Andrew Smith & James Stokoe, EXO by Jerry Frissen & Philippe Scoffoni, the first volume of The Seven Deadly Sins spinoff manga series Seven Days by You Kokikuji, the first volume of Boarding School Juliet by Yousuke Kaneda, Deadpool: Assassin and the Ghost in the Shell: Global Neural Network anthology. 

Until next time, Excelsior!

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Thanks, and until next time, don't read anything we wouldn't!

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