#30 Getting your first Pull Up & Female Fitness with Meghan Callaway

Nov 19, 2018, 06:19 PM

Meghan has over 15 years experience coaching people, has an extensive athletic background and is also a published author. I was really excited to have Meghan on the podcast because she really has a wealth of knowledge to share in strength training. 

Meghan covered:

  • The Pull Up fundamentals

  • Common Plank mistakes

  • Female fitness and how the industry perceives it

  • The fallacy that heavier weights will "bulk you up"

  • Squat Foot Stance - Which is right?

  • All the details of Meghan’s Pull Up Program

Meghan’s content is fantastic across social media - she has a huge repertoire of strength exercises and helpful articles. You can find her on Instagram: @meghancallaway