Week 12 previews, Thanksgiving day lineups, and more...

Nov 21, 02:49 PM

Dane Martinez and Scott Engel open the program talking about how Dane is at this point just hoping his top performers like Deshaun Watson and James Conner do not sustain any injuries that could make them miss the next few weeks of the fantasy season, which is the playoffs; Scott says this is why you need to retool your roster to have handcuffs and players up next on the depth chart (I.E. Chase Daniels for Mitch Trubisky). Looking at the Thanksgiving games, the guys wonder if Colt McCoy can lead the Redskins to a victory in Dallas, where even though the Cowboys' defense is strong enough, McCoy has a narrative that he plays well for his home state of Texas. The guys finish the hour tipping their caps to Adria Beltre, who is retiring from baseball after 21 seasons.

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