Jil Love and Renee Watt

Nov 24, 10:18 AM

ARTivist Jil Love and witchy comedian Renee Watt joined Mark for quite a metaphysical show

Jil talked about the epiphany she had in 2012 which led her to combine her art with activism which has let her to cover herself in blood, oil and recently sitting on a golden toilet on Donald Trump's star on the walk of fame and bloodletting for the children of Yemen. She travelled from her native Spain to Hollywood where she got into a fight with a Transformer in order to promote peace.

Renee talked about her own epiphany 2 years ago which led her to explore her psychic abilities, get into her own spirituality and embrace being a witch and start performing stand up comedy. She talks about starting a coven as a teen and how she took a detour in the punk rock scene in Phoenix.

Oh and Jil and Renee started communicating telepathically during the show, which didn't slow down the terrific stories about their lives