The Morning After, Hour 2, Nov. 26th: Monday night game, Bills-Jags brawl, LSU-Aggies brawl, and more...

Nov 26, 2018, 04:25 PM

The second hour of the program starts with Gabe saying tonight's match-up between the Titans and Texans may not be an exciting game to watch, but there are a lot of division and playoff implications on the line that will make the game interesting. Gabe and the gang look at the Bills and Jaguars brawling in Buffalo yesterday, with Gabe finding hilarity in the whole fiasco. Another fight in football, this time college, has the gang wondering how LSU coach Steve Kragthorpe didn't die after getting punched in the chest, where he has a pacemaker. All these fights has Gabe saying football teams need "head-cases," but also need players who know how to keep the peace. 

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