The Morning After Hour 2, Nov. 27th: John Wooden quotes, Top broadcasting crews, Myck Aussie, and more...

Nov 27, 2018, 04:51 PM

The second hour of the program starts with Gabe bringing up how basketball does not have many coaches that really make a difference, outside of John Wooden, which has the gang remembering some his most famous quotes. The gang looks at the list of Top 15 NFL broadcasting crews, with Corey of course, loving Tony Romo and Jim Nantz. Myck Aussie joins the show to talk about his experience partying for the Grey Cup. Later, the gang talks about how the Lions got trolled by Jeopardy, with an answer on the show being "this NFC North team has never been to a Super Bowl." Later, Gabe, looking at the pictures taken of Mars, explains why he believes the moon landing was staged. 

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