Vida Ghaffari and Jacqueline Van Bierk

Dec 01, 2018, 06:30 AM

Actress/Host Vida Ghaffari and singer/fashion designer Jacqueline Van Bierk joined Mark on The Lighter Side of The Dark Side

Vida is the daughter of a scientist so famous in Iran that he is known as the "Persian Michael Jordan", she details how she started out wearing a hijab on Mind of Mencia and on the Universal lot while filming The Mindy Project, how she has transitioned into horror movies and is now known as "The Persian Linda Blair", what it is like to interview celebrities on the red carpet like Martin Short and the Iron Sheik (in Farsi no less) and her upcoming movie Robowoman

Jacqueline grew up in a small town in Germany (with umlauts in the name) but couldn't wait to move to New York where she formed the industrial band Otto's Daughter whose music was featured in several TV shows including The Vampire Diaries. She reminisced about the fetish club scene where she initially met Mark and talked about her solo music which is more EDM than her band and being selected the 2nd worst dressed at The Grammys in 2017 by USA Today (Cee Lo was #1)