South Connect : Is BJP biased towards Kerala?

Nov 30, 2018, 10:29 AM

Now lets take a pause for a while and think..think for sake of humanity.. so many lives were gone and the centre aided with just Rs. 600 crore where as for a statue the centre had spent 3000 cr, the statue. Honestly, I did not have a privilege of being born in the same era as Sardar Patel himself but it causes me to reflect on the fact that a man who played such an important role in India's struggle for freedom, untouchability and caste discrimination and was completely against building statues and memorials and if he was alive today I am sure he would have also opposed the government's 3000 crore project over human life.. So i dedicate this episode of South Connect to all the brave hearts who survived the severe kerala floods just because of their never say die spirit, even if the centre did not back them up as much.