The Morning After Hour 2, Nov. 30th: Lamar's tell-all, Dustin Gouker, Michelle's weekend weather update, and more...

Nov 30, 2018, 04:26 PM

The second hour of the show starts with Gabe breaking news that Lamar Odom will be releasing a tell-all book about his life with the Kardashians, and how horrible of people they really are, citing how his ex-girlfriend, Khloe, brought a camera crew everywhere, including to when he was in a coma. Corey tries to defend the Kardashians against Lamar's book, saying they took him in and gave him a family environment, something he never had growing up. Legal analyst Dustin Gouker joins the program to look at the impact MGM Resorts will have as the official betting site for Major League Baseball. Michelle gives her weekend weather update for all the Week 13 football games. 

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