Episode 5. Alan Wyffels

Dec 10, 2018, 12:01 AM

On the fifth episode of Lavender Language, Adriann Ramirez chats with Alan Wyffels, musician and collaborator of Perfume Genius. We talk over the phone and discuss his morning routine, Fried Green Tomatoes, how he discovered the piano, growing up on a farm, his days in community college, a possibly inappropriate but sweet relationship with his high school homeschooling teacher, discovering AA and then experiencing his second (which led to meeting his partner Mike), what it's like being a sober touring musician, his university experience, finding a community online and off, moving to Los Angeles, his addiction to his iPhone, staying relevant in the music industry, Perfume Genius' success and maintaining it, what Alan would say to his younger self, being a cool gay teenager and how neither of us can relate, and how certain traumas from your youth don't always make you a stronger person.

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Guest: Alan Wyffels (www.instagram.com/evelyncouch66)

Hosted by: Adriann Ramirez (www.instagram.com/adriann.ramirez)

Sound by: Edmund Shaw (www.instagram.com/edmund_shaw)

Produced by: Tahnee Cadrez Freda (www.instagram.com/tahncf)

Song: Divine Faxes by Perfume Genius