You’re Smart, But I’m Drunk - Ep.146

Dec 06, 2018, 03:48 AM

Note: There are some audio issues in this episode thanks to a haunted laptop, so we apologize in advance! We’re performing an exorcism as we speak So? Where’d ya get stuck? Not emotionally but, like, physically stuck? The ladies talk to #TasteBud Caitlin about that time she got stuck on a Ferris wheel during a lightning storm. We also learn that when you’re curled up in a baptismal font, pay attention to the thing tickling your arms. Plus, we asked and you delivered! A surprising number of you have “the ice skate ran over a body part” stories, and we dig into some more of your voice memos about your holiday plans! It’s a busy week, TasteBuds, so make sure your neck is covered...

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