Providing Regular Content for Your Bed and Breakfast Client List

Season 5, Episode 3,   Dec 11, 2018, 11:53 AM

Hi I’m Yvonne Halling of and this video is Part 3 in my series on how to use the internet to bring you more guests, more fun and more money, so if you’ve been frustrated and overwhelmed by so much conflicting advice out there on how to really use the internet for your benefit, then this series of 4 videos will help you.

Just to recap, there are 4 basic principles of using the internet to bring you more guests, and they are:

#1 Build a list

#2 Nurture and care for that list

#3 Provide regular content for that list

#4 Make offers to that list

In Part 1 of this series we talked about why you need to build a list and I took you through the steps of how to build a list by identifying the guests you’d most love to welcome and where to find them on Facebook, and then creating what’s known as a “lead magnet” for them to download.

In Part 2 I showed you why you need to nurture and care for your list by providing a series of emails that go out automatically once someone has “opted in”, so you build the know like and trust factor.

In this video, I’m going to show you how to provide regular content for your list so that you earn the right to stay in touch.

Many people go out on social media just with their offers of buy now, buy now, book a room, book a room, and that can often be annoying, especially if I see you doing that, and I don’t know you.

You need to build your network first, be someone people can relate to and then ask for the sale which we’ll cover in Part 4, but today, let’s talk about how and where to find regular content for your growing list.

The very best way is to create stories about your life, your B&B and what’s going on in your area. If someone has joined your list they’re looking to you to lead them towards the booking. It’s like OK then, show me what you’ve got.

So let’s not disappoint them, let’s show them.

Step #1 you can re-purpose the email content you created for your new subscribers into more blog posts and send your people there.

Step #2 you can go out with your iphone and take videos of things going on in your area and post them on your Facebook page and all around the internet, including Youtube, and send your people to them there.

Step #3 you can take one topic that gets the most interaction in one of your new groups and make a blog post about that, or even a video and share that with your growing list.

Step #4 you can ask other people to share your content, always leading back to your optin form so you’re constantly growing your list.

This is so much fun to do when you can get over yourself and your own fears, because in the next video, I’m going to show you how to make offers to your list, but if you try to skip the list building, care and nurturing, providing interesting content first, you’ll have little to no chance of making any sales, and you might as well just list with the online travel agents.

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