Episode 79 - Martin Stayer, Sara Stayer, & Sarah Troxell of Nobies

Dec 13, 2018, 12:00 PM

Today on the podcast Eric is joined by frequent co-host Felice Sloan of Urban Swank to discuss the latest news from the Houston bar and restaurant scene. Eric and Felice discuss Fountainview Cafe closing, the Marquis II recent closing, Baba Yega Cafe closing due to fire damage, Bosscat Kitchen + Libations heading to Katy, the folks behind Adair Kitchen launching a new concept called Betsies, and more! In the Restaurants of the Week Neyow's Creole Cafe, La Table, and a special pop-up are featured. 

In the Guest of the Week portion of the podcast, Eric is joined by Martin Stayer, Sara Stayer, and Sarah Troxell of Nobies. Eric, Martin, Sara, and Sarah discuss why Martin came down to Houston, what has kept Sarah at Nobies for so long, the family atmosphere of Nobies, how Nobies has evolved over time, maintaining a happy work environment, increased traction from patrons, being an industry hangout, how Nobies still flies under the radar, being left off Alison Cook's top 100 restaurants of Houston, their new concept the Toasted Coconut, the inspiration for the new concept, why Sarah loves Tiki so much, and more!