Grabbing the mace, seizing the moment

Episode 15,  Dec 13, 2018, 02:59 PM

Lloyd Russell Moyle MP ... Britain is in the middle of a constitutional crisis. With Theresa May facing a huge defeat on her Brexit deal she pulled the vote. Parliament was denied its say even though MPs had already debated the bill for several days. And our guest on this podcast wasn’t having any of it. In an act of defiance Labour MP Lloyd Russell Moyle grabbed the mace - a symbol of royal authority in Parliament that Oliver Cromwell referred to as a "fools' bauble". Now May is facing a no confidence vote from Tory MPs. She is scrambling for support at home, while in European capitals she is begging for concessions that won’t be forthcoming. So what next for the Brexit crisis? Are we looking at the dying days of the Tory administration?