Make Someone's Christmas - Day 5 - David Stevens and Archie Thompson

Dec 14, 2018, 12:35 PM

Make Someone’s Christmas with Kent Reliance has returned for the festive season!!

We want to spread some Christmas magic across Kent this December!

We asked our listeners to nominate people for an extra special treat this year.

We heard from Emma Stevens about her son David and best friend Archie, she said

"My son (David age 7) has type 1 diabetes and gets poorly with his blood sugars quite a bit, Archie (age 7) is his best mate.

At school Archie keeps an eye on him so if he starts to get poorly he can tell the teacher fast, he keeps an eye on him the whole day and some times Davids' blood sugars are too high for him to go out to play or in for lunch and Archie will stay by his side even if it means missing playtime or having to go into lunch late.

He is such a great friend David would be lost without him. Archie doesn't have lots and even if he hasn't got the up to date computer, games or trainers he is always great full for what he does have. He melts my heart the way he is so caring towards my son that I think he should have a treat. It wouldn't matter what the treat was as he would be greatful for anything"

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