The Tenerife Air Crash - 1977

Dec 17, 2018, 06:00 AM

It's 1977. It's Tenerife and a bunch of angry Canarian separatists are about to set off the worst chain reaction since Diana Ross.

In what many single-issue agitators are already calling the 10th episode of the CB Wallop Podcast, join Phil Jerrod and Phil Lucas as they discuss The Tenerife Air Disaster - two massive planes, two football-obsessed air traffic controllers, a whole load of fog and a whole load more confusion that lead to the worst aviation disaster of all time.

Should men watch less football? Yes… yes they bloody should.

Title music by Steve Adam

Production by Mike Sandeman -

Opening news item:

Grim Scene In Tenerife As Investigation Begins
AP Archive Published on Jul 21, 2015 03/28/77 c0058942 - (col kine) upitn ny032820 "crash" scenes yesterday (black & white) survivor. v - o scenes today (color) narrator v - o aerials shot march (color) more debris. tower. debris cleared. (3/28/77 - 52ft - v - o sof.)

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