Monday night recap, Waivers, Super Bowls, playoff picture, and more...

Dec 18, 2018, 02:19 PM

Dane Martinez and Scott Engel open the show congratulating everyone who will be palying in Week 16 fantasy Super Bowls, with Scott saying this is the one week everyone wants to play. The guys recap the Monday night game, with Scott questioning how Drew Brees has not been playing up to his narrative. On the other side, the guys love the stud value of Christian McCaffrey, but also think there is something very wrong with Cam Newton. The playoff picture is starting to come together, but the guys wonder if the trend of strong defense beating out high octane offense will go thorugh the playoffs, or will inexperienced teams like the Bears not be able to handle going in to the Superdome. Looking at the MVP race, the guys think Philip Rivers has put himself in top spot for the award, along with Pat Mahomes, Todd Gurley, and Brees. 

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