Ep 53: The power of setting an intention for your year ahead

Jan 03, 07:00 AM

Happy New Yeeeeeaaaarrrrr!!!!!!

Well we wanted the first podcast episode of 2019 to be a powerful one for you and wow, it really is!

Honestly, prepping for this episode and recording it really had a huge impact on both of us. We sat down after recording it, had a cup of tea and came up with an intention for Project Love for 2019 (and beyond) that totally blew us away. It felt like we had poured power and energy into our future and it has got us stepping into 2019 feeling fired up and ready to get the love spreading far and wide. 

So we can’t wait to hear what this episode does for you…!

We really hope you enjoy this episode! 

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We hope to see you there!

Love, Selina and Vicki x

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