Make Someone's Christmas - Day 10 - Jacob Gasson

Episode 10,  Dec 21, 2018, 11:11 AM

Make Someone’s Christmas with Kent Reliance has returned for the festive season!!

We want to spread some Christmas magic across Kent this December!

We asked our listeners to nominate people for an extra special treat this year.

We heard from Rebekah Webb about her friend Sian and son Jacob.

"Jacob is an 11-year-old boy whose two younger twin brothers Edward and Austin were both diagnosed with leukaemia at age 2, 6 months apart from each other. 

The treatment for the two boys is intensive and will last 3 years, with regular visits to the hospital. Sometimes both twins get admitted to hospital at the same time, requiring mum and dad to be in hospital with them. This is very disruptive and distressing to big brother Jacob who unexpectedly gets picked up from school to stay with grandparents. He also spends lots of time in hospital with the twins at weekends. 

He has been an absolute super star throughout all this, taking it in his stride and looking after his brothers as much as he can. For his birthday in September all he wanted was to "spend the day with mummy and daddy" - something that almost didn't happen due to hospital admission for one of the twins. He loves Harry Potter and a visit from Santa with gifts for him and the twins would be a great boost for the whole family." 

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