Episode 13- Gender roles, women in sports and the corporate world (feat. Rashi Kakkar)

Dec 21, 2018, 12:16 AM

The theme of our conversation was social conditioning on gender roles, women in sports and the corporate world. Our guest Rashi Kakkar holds an undergraduate degree from The Shri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi, a young India Fellowship from The Ashoka University in New Delhi and an MBA from The University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management with the prestige of having secured the Forte Fellowship (a prestigious educational scholarship awarded to about 100 women in the world owing to their past performance and future potential ). She currently works in Toronto at McKinsey and Company as a management consultant. A junior level national tennis player, Rashi is a complete sports buff who enjoys playing, reading, writing and watching any and every sport.

On the show, we discuss Rashi’s journey of vagabonding across different cities in India as an army kid and how that helped her to embrace change and even thrive in it. We discuss how the army life exposed her to sports early in her life, her tennis adventures and why she decided not to pursue a career in sports. We get her take on women and gender diversity in the corporate and sports arena. We talk gender conditioning and how it is important, yet difficult, for women to be unapologetic about pursuing their ambitions. How women can and should be helped to become great sportswomen. Rashi’s definition of ‘progressive thinking’ and her gratitude towards her family for being progressive. Her push on ‘What would you with your life if you weren’t afraid?’ To close, we discuss her favourite books and her dog Bruce who has an Instagram handle of his own (Whether you listen to the podcast or not, you must take a look at Bruce. As Rashi says, in our conversation- He is a happy ball of fur). 

Show notes-

Books mentioned-
Lean in
Why nations fail
Harry Potter
The man in the high castle

You can find Rashi on-

Rashi’s articles on Firstpost- https://www.firstpost.com/author/rashikakkar

Rashi was identified as a stereotype defying candidate by a top MBA blog, Poets & Quants- https://poetsandquants.com/2016/08/31/introducing-mba-class-2018/15/

Bruce’s (Rashi and Anubhav's dog) Instagram handle -