Week 16 recap, Saints marching along, Ebron down, and more...

Episode 660,   Dec 24, 2018, 01:17 PM

Dane Martinez and Scott Engel open the show talking about how the Saints, though not looking like the best, will be one of the toughest outings in the playoffs, as they lock up the top seed in the NFC. The Steelers, who lost to the Saints, find themselves in a strage predicament, as they are looking on the outside of the playoffs, and need the Browns to defeat the Ravens to help them get in to the playoffs. A team that the Saints, nor anyone, should want to see in the playoffs, the Seahawks, are looking much more dangerous, and hitting their stride after taking down the Chiefs in the late night game. The Patriots helped themselves by keeping in the drivers seat for the second seed in the AFC, along with a first round bye, as the guys question if Tom Brady is starting to see the effects of Father Time. Dane and Scott agree that there is reason to be excited about the future of the Browns, and think Baker Mayfield has the weapons around them to be contenders heading in to next season. Mike Blewitt joins the guys to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, even though Santa did not gift him with a Steelers win yesterday. 

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