'In Pieces': TRE's 'Europe Today's Stephen Ritson's irreverent review of 2018...! 'Piece 1'

Jan 02, 2019, 12:38 PM

TRE's ‘Europe Today’ is presented by our international news ‘anchorman’ – award winning journalist, Stephen Ritson. Stephen has picked up the baton following the demise of the ‘World Service’ programme of the same name – and, with his own inimitable style, made it his own. Each week day he dissects the major and breaking European news stories - live, uncensored and unedited...news as it should be? 'Europe Today' is broadcast week-daily at 12.00CET on tre.radio  #News #Europe #Brexit 

This is Stephen Ritson's yearly review, via a montage of audio clips, of the significant world events which have characterised 2018...