BLACKPOOL TRAGEDY 1983 - Police Officers lost at sea.

Jan 06, 2019, 06:55 PM

At 1.48pm on Wednesday the 5th January 1983 the police control room at Blackpool broadcast a radio message that was to change the lives of many and would result in the loss of four human beings.

Holiday maker Alistair Anthony was walking his Jack Russell dog along the lower walk when it went into the sea. He attempted a rescue but was washed away into a sea that has been described by many as some of the worst conditions they have ever seen.

Blackpool police officers were quickly on the scene and attempted a rescue assisted by members of the public. That rescue failed.

Every year since a memorial has been held and a tribute has been erected.

It is a story of tragedy but within it are acts of bravery and compassion that are breathtaking yet never officially recognised.

PC Gordon Connelly

PC Angela Bradley

PC Colin Morrison

Mr Alistair Anthony