The Role of the Modern S&C Coach – with Kevin Cronin, Colorado College - Ep. 1

Jan 08, 01:14 PM

Kevin Cronin is Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at Colorado College. Kevin discusses balancing D1 and D3 athletes, the value of internal load monitoring, and securing coach buy-in.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:
• Kevin's thoughts on the role of today's strength & conditioning coach
• How to improve buy-in amongst coaches and players when working with new technology
• Is it better to lift before or after running?
• Differences between internal and external workloads
• Balancing D1 and D3 athletes
• Kevin's best insights from Firstbeat Sports' athlete monitoring platform


• How Kevin ended up at CC (1:02)
• Balancing D1 and D3 athletes (4:30)
• Is it strength and conditioning or conditioning and strength? (7:10)
• 39 Million dollar facility (8:35)
• Why now for investing in sports technology? And why Firstbeat? (9:55)
• Using Firstbeat on a day-to-day basis with the soccer program (11:50)
• Choosing which data points to show coaches (13:06)
• Player buy-in (14:29)
• Did the team feel they've benefited from Firstbeat? (15:30)
• How important is to get game data? (16:50)
• Examples of data influenced coaching decisions (18:54)
• How easy is it to manage two systems? (Firstbeat for internal load and PlayerTek for external load)  (21:02)
• Benefits of monitoring both internal and external load (22:32)
• Role of technology in strength and conditioning industry (25:31)
• What other tools Kevin used before Firstbeat (28:48)
• What recovery protocol Kevin uses to deal with away games (29:48)
• Kevin's advice for getting started with Firstbeat (31:09)

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