Grace Kitto, Saving Grace with Donna Freed Losing weight to save her life, Grace tried every diet but it was understanding what made her eat that allowed her to change her brain and therefore her body.

Jan 09, 2019, 02:01 PM

Grace Kitto, Saving Grace with Donna Freed

A lifetime of habitual overeating added up to obesity for Grace Kitto. Both her mother and her husband's father died of diabetes and it was a real concern. But it was when she realised that there was a subconscious need to eat and she needed to access that to change the behaviour. She doesn't believe in dieting, however, when she was obese she needed to get to a healthy weight before she could get to that point. Along the way, she tried a lot of diets and when they stopped working, she moved on to another. Interspersed with research and actual facts, not fads, about dieting. 

This story won Grace the Mslexia Award for Women's Memoir 2014.