Gase with the Jets, Browns coaching, Bucs and Arians, Saints motivation, and more...

Jan 10, 01:27 PM

Dane Martinez and Scott Engel open the show trying to wrap their heads around the Jets hiring Adam Gase as their head coach, citing how they both think this is a very "uninspiring" call, even comparing the hiring to that of the Giants hiring Ben McAdoo. Scott goes on to say that Peyton Manning called the Jets to endorse Gase, but Dane is not impressed, citing that Gase has butted heads with too many of his own players. Going over to Cleveland, the guys wonder if the Browns would have benefited by keeping interim head coach, Gregg Williams, as a co-head coach with Freddie Kitchens, instead of outright firing Williams. Dane and Scott try to figure out where Todd Bowles will head, with the guys thinking he would be a better coordinator with a team like the Bucs or even the Texans. Learning that Kyler Murray is possibly forgoing his signing bonus with the Oakland Athletics, and declaring for the NFL Draft, the guys wonder if this is the right move for the Heisman winner, and if a team like the Giants, Jaguars or Dolphins would pick him up in the first round. Looking at the playoffs, Dane and Scott like Sean Payton showing his Saints team the Lombardi trophy, as well as the cash bonus the players get, and saying "You want this? Win three f*****g games."

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