Ophelia Rain, Anne Hodder-Shipp and Ron Jeremy

Episode 46,  Jan 12, 2019, 12:14 PM

It’s the first Dark Mark Show of 2019 and Mark and Hannah are talking sex all night long with adult film star Ophelia Rain, sex educator Anne Hooder-Shipp and very special guest the legendary Ron Jeremy!   Ophelia talks about how she wants to get butt implants to match the breast implants which took her from an A Cup to D Cups, talked about how Troma films got her kicked out of school, only for her to get her revenge when she starred in one, how her new scene with Brazzers has the most ad revenue on PornHub of any scene, the bias in the industry against heavily tattooed women and her “arty” erotic and surreal new scene the “black shower”.   Anne talks about how she was became known as the “sex toy queen” and what is not quite right with most sex toys, how she overcame a debilitating medical condition which caused her to faint and curl up in a fetal position at a Pleasure Chest party, what it is like working with sex for her entire adult life and her new accreditation program EDSE which stands for Everyone Deserves Sex Education and their Sex Education Certification Class   Ron came in about 40 minutes in and kicked the show into overdrive with his wit and undeniable energy. Everyone in studio had a story about meeting Ron for the first time and he explained how he has never not been able to get an erection and explained to Mark (and you) his technique which Ophelia admitted got her squirting the first time she met him   Make sure the kids are out of the room and enjoy all this dirty talk