Why diets don’t work – change your thinking, in The Latte Lounge with Katie Taylor & Louise Andres-Vicaria of Bodymatterz on Radio Gorgeous with Josephine Pembroke

Jan 14, 12:46 PM

This month’s Latte Lounge podcast asks why diets, healthy eating plans and cutting out certain foods always fail? Because it’s not the diet - it’s our head that is interfering with our intentions.

Katie chats about a revolutionary new weight management programme with the founder of Boddymatterz Louise Andres-Vicaria who has created a 12-week plan which supports your body and mind and helps you change your habits forever. Louise gives us some amazing tips for changing our attitude towards our relationships with ourselves and our food. We also hear from one of the first women to pilot test this new programme, Alene, who tells us about how well she’s done on the programme and why it’s so different.

Katie also talks to Josephine about what’s going on in the Latte Lounge in January, from divorce support and advice to inspiring travel blogs plus an interview with the gorgeous Liz Earle MBE who shared her top tips for living well during midlife.

We also hear how The Latte Lounge will be aligning itself with The Eve appeal, a charity which is supporting a research team at UCL who aim to develop one test to predict four cancers (breast, womb, ovarian and cervical). 

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