Liz Earle and the mud therapy

Jan 14, 2019, 04:19 PM

Beauty entrepreneur turned farmer Liz Earle discovers not all mud is the same. Some is glorious mud!

Leave the hustle and bustle, the noise and screens behind, and join wellness journalist Suzanne Duckett on a journey into relaxation and the wonderful, watery world of wellbeing. To celebrate the release of her new book Bathe, she is inviting some special guests to join her in some truly immersive experiences: discovering the invigorating power of bath and birch, the emotional harmony of sound and steam, and the soothing energy of mud and ice. 

And you won’t be left behind – in this podcast, listeners get up close and personal with the experience: the benefits, secrets and sounds of each treatment.

This week Suzanne is joined by writer, TV presenter and entrepreneur Liz Earle MBE, an authority for more than three decades in the world of beauty, natural nutrition and wellbeing. Together they are going to experience a bio-energy mud bathing ritual the beautiful the Lanesborough Club and Spa in London. It’s a take on the traditional middle eastern Rasul that uses warm, cleansing and mineral rich bio energetic muds to relax, purify and beautify. And who better to judge than a frantically busy entrepreneur who established a global beauty business?

Start the year with some new experiences: close your eyes and plunge into a world of wellness. Bathing is a primal ritual, but it’s never been more relevant. The conversation starts here.

The podcast series will be 6 episodes long launching Jan 14th and guests include Liz Earle, Melissa Hemsley, Ward Thomas and three more surprise guests.

Bathe: The Podcast was created and produced in-house by Bonnier Books UK to celebrate the publication of Suzanne Duckett’s new book Bathe

Recorded on location at The Lanesborough Club & Spa in London

Freelance producer and editor Lisa Mainwaring (LiMa Mic Media)
Executive Producer and Senior Marketing Manager Clarissa Pabi
Publicity Manager Francesca Pearce
Comms Director Lisa Hoare
Head of Audio Jon Watt