The Skilled Workforce Delusion

Jan 31, 2019, 07:00 AM

Todd Dawalt, the founder and host of The Construction Leading Edge podcast, joins us on the Art of Construction to tell us that hiring more people probably won’t solve your business’ problems. Todd has researched the so-called Labor Crisis and has come up with ways you can grow your business without hiring more staff. The first issue is that the construction industry suffers from a 60% separation rate. Learn how improving your leadership skills, empowering your team and building a great culture will allow you to keep your skilled workers working for you. Next, Todd shares his theory of The Extra Load and how you can reduce your need for higher paid skilled labor by Investigating, Eliminating, Automating and Delegating your systems. And finally, look at the design of your company, and determine if there are unwritten rules or procedures that set new hires up for failure. By looking at the underlying problems behind the labor shortage, you’ll position your business to grow and thrive!