Chris Evans - first Virgin breakfast show 2019

Jan 21, 10:03 AM

Chris carries off his first show with aplomb. The sense of presence which he effortlessly routinely delivers – and the sense of occasion of a special first show but where the listeners feel part of it – rather than distant. A feat not carried off by all.

“BBC Radio 2”…he finds himself saying - before the hesitant “….is where we used to be’. And he warns Auntie Ethel who’s flicked over that the ‘golden oldies’ are ‘a little more contemporary than they were before’. He’s at Virgin ‘for as long as they’ll let us’ -and talks of his boss Scott. Not ‘one of the really big cheeses…but certainly on the cheese counter’.

The marketing is there, he is the biggest name in radio. The only impediment to success is platform and audience intransigence – and they have wisely recognised that. Good luck to radio’s second Ev.