Kate Thornton: "Not eating became a form of control in a life that felt horribly out of control.."

Jan 22, 2019, 05:01 PM

Journalist, broadcaster and now fully fledged podcast host, Kate Thornton, kicks of our 2019 series. Kate opens up to Dr Linda about her early life which found her battling bullying and anorexia throughout her school years and the strength she discovered within herself to rise above it and take care of herself. The pair also discuss motherhood and the camaraderie and comfort a good group of friends can bring when the world seems intent on swallowing you whole.

Give Kate's own podcast - White Wine Question Time - a listen and a follow to, it's out now and a lot of fun.

Thanks to Kate for being so honest and open when sharing her story with us. You can find more details on what's she's up to @thekatethornton on instagram and @k8_thrornton on twitter.