Everything you need to know about savings - and why you should ditch the big banks

Jan 25, 2019, 04:03 PM

In part one of two This is Money podcast specials, we tackle savings. When savings are mentioned, the first thought that springs to mind for many is: rates are low, what's the point?

In the latest This is Money podcast, assistant editor Lee Boyce and host Georgie Frost are joined by James Blower, the Savings Guru to explain why savings are important.

James has inside knowledge of the industry, having helped a number of challenger banks set up their savings business.

We talk about what the point of saving is and what you need to consider at different stages - and ages - of your life.

How do you save for your children, what about Isas, does higher risk equal higher reward and how do you save for a house?

We also talk about why the Financial Services Compensation Scheme is important and whether saving in cash over investing is ever a worthwhile exercise.

James takes us behind the scenes at how rates are set and reveals why he believes better deals are on the horizon for savers.

Furthermore, we call to action those who have left money languishing in poor paying accounts to help drive the banks and building societies to offer us better deals.

Join us next week for part two when editor Simon Lambert tackles everything you need to know about investing.