s04e05 - Larry W.A.C.H.S.

Feb 01, 2019, 05:30 PM

Ira Malkin and Jon Mark Lundell join us and our very special guest, Larry W.A.C.H.S. Tim and Larry haven't shared a studio since December of 2014 so listen all the way through for a return of some favorite TRG characters.

We talk about The Regular Guys Show, the Los Angeles days, how it felt to be constantly mocked by Howard Stern (and how Larry & Eric handled it), Autumn's days as "Taffy Wilson", how Tim joined TRG, the origin of Vinny Bucci, QAnon (and what it is / isn't), movies, TV and a whole lot more! 

PLUS: A classic TRG clip from the 96rock days (featuring Curtis Washington), Ira leads us in another round of "Bigger Bombs", Staff Picks, improv and more.

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