EPL & European roundup | Episode 26 | Season 18-19 | KDB back to his B-E-S-T, no Silva lining at Everton and Morata's last chance

Feb 04, 10:57 PM

Stel, Rhodri Giggs, Yiannakis and Mark Briggs team up to review the latest Premier League results and news from around Europe.

On the agenda:

  • City beat Arsenal in 2nd gear
  • Emery's uphill task
  • Sarri won't last
  • Jury is out for Higuain
  • Utd grind out a victory at Leicester
  • Wolves continue to impress
  • Numerous issues at Everton
  • Batshuayi galvanises Palace
  • Serri isn't all that
  • Big point for Burnley
  • Lewandowski is a problem for Bayern
  • Piatek's impressive first impression
  • Last Chance Saloon for Morata