Ryan Hart: "I thought because he was never violent to us, he wouldn't be a danger to us..."

Feb 05, 2019, 06:04 PM

On the 19th July 2016, Ryan Hart and his brother Luke discovered the devastating news that their mother, Claire and sister Charlotte were murdered in broad daylight, by the family's father using a sawn-off shotgun. He then committed suicide. 

In this episode, Ryan talks Linda through his families first hand experience of coercive control and domestic homicide, and how they've deconstructed and are now rebuilding their lives in the wake of their trauma; passionately campaigning in their mother and sister's name. 

Please take the time to read 'Operation Lighthouse', a book which is co-authored by the Hart brothers and sheds a much needed light on the dangers and warning signs of coercive control in any relationship.