Sepsis: Listen to us – Part Two

Episode 2,   Feb 06, 2019, 01:11 PM

This is the second of 2 podcasts around Sepsis and Learning Disabilities, which are the result from the most recent Learning Disabilities Mortality Review Report, which found Sepsis to be the second most prominent cause of death in the cases reviewed, following pneumonia closely as the first.

In the past two years the Sepsis Clinical Priority program has discussed the use of National Early Warning Scores and physiology in general when it comes to patients with Sepsis. However, what happens when physiology is not possible? It may be that a patient is unable to cope with observations being taken, is not able to comply, or that staff looking after these patients are not trained in observations. For these patients, Soft Signs of deterioration take on extra significance. Andy Cook, Chief Nurse at Interserve has done some interesting work with Soft Signs in the community and has very kindly agreed to talk about them today.