The Epic Titans TV Review

Episode 54,   Feb 06, 2019, 07:10 PM

DC Comics latest live action adaptation is the totally R-Rated Titans, which I totally watched and totally loved. So here is my Season 1 Review of Titans!


  • Breaking down what the Titans were in comic books and how this adaptation happened. 

  • How appropriate is Titans for kids, and who is the intended audience? 

  • What is the premise behind Titans?

  • How the marketing behind the series kind of screwed audience’s initial perception.

  • Why Titans works as DC & WB’s first R-Rated show featuring mainstream characters. 

  • How Titans is nothing like the CW-verse of DC TV Shows!

  • For more about the CW-verse shows check out this episode of the Split Screen Podcast. 

  • Brenton Thwaites is incredibly mature as Dick Grayson / Robin.

  • Anna Diop steals the show as Starfire.

  • Ryan Potter as Beast Boy is wonderful.

  • The world building in Titans is pretty insane. 


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