Quiana Welch-Pregnancy in the Social Media Age

Episode 18,  Feb 07, 2019, 03:00 PM

I was really excited to talk with American Record Holder Quiana Welch. She's strong and gorgeous with an infectious personality, and she's about to become a mom.

We discuss:

1. Her background and how she got started lifting

2. Becoming pregnant in the social media age; her fears about her body changing and goin through it with everyone watching

3. How it has affected her following and how social media can be a strange strange place

4. Staying active while pregnant and how her training and diet has changed

5. Fears about becoming a mom and her competitive plans post baby

6. Being a role model to other women and how it feels breaking barriers as a woman of color in weightlifting. 

Follow Quiana and find out more about her training programs on her instagram: @quiana_welch