Departure Lounge with "Eff Dating Apps" Creator Carolyn

Feb 09, 12:24 AM

Have you been for a walk in the You Yangs recently?

You may have seen a makeshift post box with the sign "F*&K Dating Apps".  

It caught Stampsy's attention while she was out training for the Surf Coast Trek on the Labour Day Monday.  She picked up the letter, curious to learn more about this brave woman and her creative way to find love.

Coincidently, the next day the letter was posted on Reddit and quickly went viral.  As expected, the truth got lost as people started making assumptions.


The 26-year-old from "Melbourne" said she was over the "superficiality of dating apps" and instead wanted to try to meet someone the old-fashioned way - without drinking alcohol.

"Dating apps have never turned out well for me," she wrote on the lengthy letter.

"It would be refreshing to get to know someone who doesn't need to go out and get trashed every weekend with their friends."

People were quick to turn on her approach - labelling the list of requirements "toxic".

Stating her future man must be in good "physically and mental health", not a "creeper" and also "fit", some Reddit users - where the list was shared - have pointed out she may struggle to find someone with all her demands.

So firstly, let's clear up some facts

  • She's from Geelong NOT Melbourne

  • She didn't deliver them in letterboxes all over Melbourne, just the one she installed in the You Yangs.  The postbox Stampsy found on her walk.

  • She has a name...

Let's here from the woman herself.  Carolyn joined Stampsy and Jamie on her FIRST radio interview to talk about her decision to put her intentions out into the world AND if there has been a positive outcome.

Has Carolyn found the love of her life?