Mahal me mili mujhe Rs.10 me 4 dose and Rs.10 me 4 idlli.. to know the story behind this food stall Listen to the podcast

Feb 12, 03:01 AM


इस महंगाई के दौर में इंसानियत आज भी सस्ती है.
A story worth reading.

Met this 61year lady who is still earning her bread and butter rather than becoming dependent on some sources.
Spend some time with her to know her story,she was harass by her husband after the marriage, that time her parents brought her back home and she delivered a baby..soon her parents passed away and she had to search her survival,she started the south indian stall outside the school where she was selling idli and dosa at 1₹ each.

Can you believe she still sell 4 dosa/4 idli at just 10₹..To which she says that the student are now depended on his idli dosa as meal during school recess and after school, and the student of the school and college around are mostly from below middle class family and they can't afford much price,so i do this for them now because now my son is working and he fulfill the household need,so i am just here for those kids..That bought tears in my eyes that in this world,still people with humanity without selfishness exist.

Now the people passing by the street have too become her customer seeing such low rates and enjoy the food and she serve all of them with smile on her face..i met one lady who came with her husband to this stall,she said she is having this dosa since her school time and she bought her husband now to show him her school time adda.

4pcs of mini idli along with sambhar and chutney(white and green)@₹10
4pcs of mini dosa along with masala aalu and chutney @₹10
No question on asking for extra sambhar and chutney.
She serve hot dosa every time,by the time you finish one,she is ready with the second.

She has spinal problems as she was thrown from the terrace by her husband,so you will find her mostly in sitting postions,she faces some issue while washing the utensils,still she does.

Seriously hats off to her🙏
Very rare you find such people on earth.
The food she serve is amazing and should surely be given a try once.
Would request to guys to share this post as much as you can so that people should know about this lady.

#Location- Adjacent to ramesh chandak school,opposite shri DD nagar school,Mahal,nagpur.
Landmark-Narsingh talkies.


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