Tuesday, February 12: Is Valentine's Day just for lovers and why being single is amazing

Feb 12, 2019, 02:25 PM

If you go ten years without washing your hands after you use the bathroom and admit so on national TV, That's All I Need To Know About You (:00) Singles Snark: Leah breaks down why it's awesome to be single (2:50) Honda of Westport Couple's Court: Why did he pick up an extra shift on Valentine's Day? (5:35) Toast the Toad: Why should we name a toad at the Beardsley Zoo after your ex? (12:07) Can't Beat Raven: Can Lauren from Monroe take down Raven? (15:07) Valentine's Day Voicemail: Who's happy with their love or leaving scorned messages for their exes? (18:55) Who is Valentine's Day for? (22:46) Dr. Laura Berman talks about the legendary "Galentine's Day" (25:27)

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