SB Nation AM Exclusive: Antonio Brown's Long Goodbye

Feb 13, 03:28 PM

This fall from grace for Antonio Brown is at a historic pace. He was a beloved guy in Pittsburgh and it's simply bizarre how quickly he's turned on the Steelers.  

Where would the #Steelers send #AntonioBrown? Obviously a team like the #Patriots would be looking for his services...they are definitely in need of an overhaul at the receiver position because really they only have one in Edelman.

Ronn Culver presents Steelers fan Tony Desiere with a trade scenario of shipping Brown to the #Cardinals for #JoshRosen and some other things; this works for both teams...the Steelers get a young quarterback that they can mold and hopefully replace #Roethlisberger, the Cardinals get another weapon and allows #KliffKingsbury to draft #KylerMurray which he really wants to do.