Episode 2.7: Models of the Mind – A Catwalk to the Unconscious

Season 2, Episode 7,   Feb 17, 2019, 01:53 PM

In this episode, we go “back to basics,” and explore the original maps of the mind that psychoanalysis is based on. Where models and fashion burst into popular consciousness in the 1990s with Ru Paul, Right Said Fred, and “Absolutely Fabulous,” the 1890s were when Freud developed his models that portray the “Fabulous” landscape of our inner worlds; a landscape that includes lion tamers, a Steep Hill of Depression, and its own Border Wall. 

Like the ideas of another Jewish intellectual born in the outer reaches of an Empire, what Freud “really meant” has been the topic of debate and conflict for a long time. These ideas are also the basis of all the previous episodes here on The Psychonaut Show. So, we are going to strap in tight with our Egos – in direct opposition to psychedelics and the mindfulness gurus – and go for a long tour of the world he first mapped out. 

And it will all be worth it when we come back with a treasure trove of knowledge that will help us find balance and harmony within our own minds in the 21st century.